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Dave or Suze...Your Fave Finance Guru Poll

March 23rd, 2009 at 02:43 pm


Suze Orman

Dave Ramsey

Actually I like both a lot. They both have great ideas and methods. I'm very weary of credit cards,and so is Dave. I also like Suze's Snowballing method which is pay off your highest interest accounts first, as opposed to Dave's which is smallest amount first.

29 Responses to “Dave or Suze...Your Fave Finance Guru Poll”

  1. Nika Says:

    They both annoy me greatly!

  2. oceansluver78 Says:

    lol nika

  3. momcents Says:

    I, too, second that. "Hey Girlfriend!" sounds like it should be coming from a "watch me talk" Barbie rather than a financial guru.

  4. Blue Eyes Says:

    I don't know much about Dave other than what I've read on the blogs here. On the other hand, I try to watch Suze every Saturday night & think she has lots of good ideas!

  5. monkeymama Says:

    They are both good. They are the only 2 I listen to on a regular basis. Their shows are entertaining. But I don't agree with either 100%. (As with any of the financial gurus).

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Yeah - they are both a little over the top...

  7. my english castle Says:

    Suze gives me a headache. I like Dave

  8. cassandra Says:

    I like both, but I am more familiar with Suze. I don't agree with everything either one says though.

  9. oceansluver78 Says:

    It seems to be a draw so far...in no ones favor! lol

  10. disneysteve Says:

    I like Suze. We watch her show every week, all 3 of us, even my 13-year-old daughter. She gives good, solid advice and gears it to the caller. Not everybody gets the same answer no matter what, even when the situations seems pretty similar on the surface.

    I think Dave is good for folks who are really in trouble. Following his advice will certainly help even if it isn't always the best solution. His debt snowball method is based on psychology rather than finance since it isn't the method that saves you the most money. I have a problem with that. I also have a problem with his "no credit card" view as I happen to think that credit cards are very valuable financial tools and folks just need to learn to use them properly.

  11. creditcardfree Says:

    It's hard to choose. I knew of Suze way before Dave Ramsey. I tend to steer people that I know that need significant help to Dave Ramsey. His steps are just cut and dry with no excuses...so many people need that.

  12. debtfreeme Says:

    Personally I like David Bach. the other two kind of annoy me.

  13. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Both of them are okay. I don't agree with Dave's advice on no credit cards ever - but for people who know they can't handle them, then yeah, that's good advice. Susie is kind of funny to listen to, although I haven't seen too many of her shows. I have read most of both Dave and Susies books -- after awhile there really isn't much new for either of them to say.

  14. baselle Says:

    Michelle Singletary, so neither. But if I had to pick, probably Suze. I saw her and her very bright lime green blazer for free a couple of years ago.

  15. Ima saver Says:

    I like them both!

  16. simpleyme Says:

    I like Dave,I like that he is a christian and gives advice with a biblical tone. I think his advice would help most people.Especially those who think they are above it.

    I like to watch Suze to but her advice is soetimes real bad, her can I afford it segment is fun but often makes no sense some times people with lots of money are denied and people with non are approved;-)

  17. littlemama Says:

    Dave, all the way. Though we did our own twist to suit our needs. He really got us motivated and we are now debt free except for the mortgage.

  18. Dustin Says:

    Definitely Dave. Suze gets paid off by FICO to say some of the crap she does.

  19. Joe Says:

    I am a big Dave fan and Suze kind of annoys me. So...I guess my vote is for Dave.

  20. Politicalrn Says:

    Dave is great! He is extreme. He is extreme for today's world. We want both money and credit, and now we have this economy to show for it. True wealth really does come from learning to spend and save on the income you have, and to realize that your income is more in your control than you realize.

  21. Rachel Bryant Says:

    DAVE!!!! He rocks. Love him and his advice. My family has been DEBT and credit card free for over 4 years - best of our lives. So much less stress involved and we are saving and giving. Even in the midst of "the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." OK.

  22. oceansluver78 Says:

    wow guys thanks for all your comments.

  23. fruitbowlk Says:

    I love Suze Orman personailty,Books and advise.

    I like dave 7 Baby steps plan.

  24. boomeyers Says:

    I find Suze very entertaining. Dave is more business. Both are very informative and fun to watch.

  25. dividing the dime Says:

    I watch/listen to both. This was fun to see in a blog, people's opinions of them. My spouse (who is bored by all things financial) asked me the same question: Suze or Dave? I told him that both were inspiring and inspiration was what I was looking for. Dave's too judgmental and harsh at times but his baby steps are practical and easy to understand and his Debt Free callers are SO inspiring. Suze's a little vague when it comes to the budget process and credit (she loves talking about that FICO score, which I'm not that concerned about). Her "Can I Afford it" segment is fun to watch because I like seeing other people's numbers and hear about the things they want to buy. I watch both, but am mostly inspired by their guests telling their stories. Fun blog!

  26. oceansluver78 Says:

    Thanks dime! I wanted to see what people thought of them and I figured this was the best way to do it.

  27. asmom Says:

    I prefer Suze. I can see how Dave is entertaining but in other ways I do not care for him.

  28. disneysteve Says:

    "her can I afford it segment is fun but often makes no sense some times people with lots of money are denied and people with non are approved"

    simplyme, as my daughter says, the segment shouldn't be called Can I Afford It? but rather Should I Afford It?

    Just because somebody has a lot of money doesn't mean that what they are buying is a responsible use of their money.

  29. fern Says:

    I like both, though i have read some rather unflattering things about Suze, like the fact that she's got $9 million in assets but has it all in bonds, not investing it in the stock market the way she exhorts her listeners to.

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