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Dave or Suze...Your Fave Finance Guru Poll

March 23rd, 2009 at 02:43 pm


Suze Orman

Dave Ramsey

Actually I like both a lot. They both have great ideas and methods. I'm very weary of credit cards,and so is Dave. I also like Suze's Snowballing method which is pay off your highest interest accounts first, as opposed to Dave's which is smallest amount first.

Amazon offers free mp3's !

March 17th, 2009 at 08:16 pm

That is something I did not know. And they offer over 500 songs as well. Now I will admit that they are not popular songs, but I did manage to find some neat Indie music and some classical too!

Recieved My CVS ExtraCard today

March 14th, 2009 at 02:12 pm

So I noticed they put a sign up announing they were building a CVS store on my route to work , and I was thrilled. I read on various blogs how much shoppers save using thier rewards systems.

So needless to say I signed up for the card and am waiting for the store to go up.

My friends also find it wierd that I no longer carry credit cards or numerous Debit cards in my wallet, instead carrying my saving cards from various stores and shops i frequent.I do admit that is an odd habit for a 30 year old male, but we'll see who is laughing when I'am debt free!

Something you can live without, but don't....

March 14th, 2009 at 09:16 am

I guess If there was one thing besides my smoking habit, which I'am slowly making progress on, that I would cut out of my budget. It would have to be my eating out habits. I don't spend that much money on eating out, I'd say at least 10 to 15 a week,but for that amount. I could turn that into 5 days worth of food.

I'm such a picky eater that I mainly eat chicken. I love eating Ramen noodles (The frugal dieters dreamfood!) Just as much as I now follow a budget I need to follow a meal plan as well

My smoking habits have changed a lot, not because of health reasons. But because it now never fits in my budget. Plus with the passage of the Shicps (SP)program by congress, the tax on tabacco products is going to raise the cost of a pack up by $2.00 also. It is somewhat amusing that I would cut back on smoking and have nearly cut my drinking by 98%( I used to go to the bar every other day, now only going once every two weeks, and only if someone else is paying)because I'm following a strict budget.

I'm sure my wallet and lungs are breathing a sigh of relief, and that my liver is thankful as well!

Your Favorite SavingAdvice Blogger?

March 12th, 2009 at 05:15 pm

Mine is ImaSaver aka Julie....After feeling that at the age of 30 it was too late to save and fix my credit, Her blog made me realize that it's never too late or too early. In less than the 30 days I've paid off over 950.00 dollars in debt and still managed to stay on budget after years of frivolous spending.

Thanks to ImaSaver (and to everyone on my favorite blog list as well! Smile )and the whole SavingAdvice.com Blogging Community.

Feeling Frugal - Blogspot

March 11th, 2009 at 04:52 pm

This is very helpful site which has a variety of coupons, freebies, and a ton of CVS deals. I've been using the blog mainly for the free weekly code to rent a free redbox rental. The CVS deals are simply a steal. To check it out visit the link.


FTC Spoofs freecreditreport.com

March 10th, 2009 at 05:38 pm

As reported on MSNBC...The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday released two videos that spoof the popular FreeCreditReport.com commercials and their trademark catchy tunes.

FreeCreditReport.com is owned by credit bureau Experian, which has been engaged in a decades-long battle with the Federal Trade Commission over alleged misbehavior. Most recently, in 2005, the FTC settled charges with the firm that it intentionally misled customers with its FreeCreditReport.com Web site. The FTC said in its lawsuit that the company was confusing consumers who were looking for their congressionally mandated free annual peek at their credit reports. Experian agreed to refund customers, but admitted no wrongdoing.

And yet the commericals still air?

Has anyone here tried Simple Living?

March 8th, 2009 at 10:32 pm

As defined by Wikipedia.
Simple living (voluntary simplicity) is a lifestyle characterized by minimizing the 'more-is-better' pursuit of wealth and consumption. Adherents may choose simple living for a variety of personal reasons, such as spirituality, health, increase in 'quality time' for family and friends, stress reduction, personal taste or frugality.

I must admit that it sounds very tempting in this hustle and bustle world. But I guess my question is that , Is it practical in todays world. It is similar to the lifestyle that Henry David Thoureau lived in Walden. I also stubled upon a free audio link to Walden if anyone wanted to listen to it http://www.simpleliving.net/main/custom.asp?recid=6.


Ugh......I stayed up late & DST starts

March 8th, 2009 at 01:20 am

So I stayed up late and forgot all about Daylight Savings Time ( Oh yeah, don't forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour) and now , even though it feels liek only 2am or 3am it's now 5:30am. Frown

The CEO of Citi...Ruled Insane!

March 5th, 2009 at 08:15 pm

So I was just on Myspace talking to my brother. It was then I noticed Citigroup is offering a new Myspace credit card. The card offers crazy rewards such as 6,000 points for changing to the new light blubs or donating can food.....OK, Some 2,000 points for staying below the credit line......GOOD.....and a few thousands for going paperless and on your bills and statements.....WHOA NELLY!

I mean I understand wanting to do good but to con young people into a credit card by offering concert tickets and free fast fast as part of rewards program ,and then to encouraging themto devoid themselves of having any paperwork to have for thier files is somewhat insane. The bad part is I'm sure every person 18-25 on myspace is probably going to fill out that application as well.

HMMMMM....and today citigroups stock fell below $1.00 a share.....WELL WELL WELL.

Payday tomm...And can't wait to pay bills!

March 5th, 2009 at 07:03 pm

That's right ladies and gents! Instead of heading to the bar down the road from work like I usually do.I now head straight to the Credit Union and Deposit my check and make my money orders. This new weekend habit has not only helped me on my journey to bieng debt free.It has also helped me lose ten pounds in a few weeks as well.

I'm beginning to wonder if I could lose more wieght if worked out or did cardio.To be honest I've thought about...(well, I guess we all think about it) but I just think of every excuse.

I'm looking foward to updating my sidebar tommorrow! Smile

Experian Credit Agency and Mail Ads

March 3rd, 2009 at 05:42 pm

The Fair-Issac website has informed us comsumers who use the site that Experian the credit reporting agency will no longer provide the true FICO score to comsumers anymore, instead only providing it to lenders and other companies. What they will provide you with is thier PLUS score, which is nothing liek a true FICO score. And one that lenders dont even use , as they pull your true FICO score.

This score is often as a FAKO score since it is practically useless when trying to gauge your true credit score.

I've been trying to save in order to repair my bad credit, I guess I will not be paying Experian for a credit score that not even the lender who pulls it won't even use it.

On a other note I tried to opt-out of the Mail Ad inserts i get 3 times a week and I found the website. But lo and behold the page never sends the e-mail! So after trying about 20 times, I tried using the customer e-mail (which worked the first time mind you) I sent a e-mail threating to file a complaint with the BBB. Hopefully saving a couple trees and the Mailpersons back at the same time.

Suze Orman - Expense Sheet Caculator

March 1st, 2009 at 04:05 pm

Suze Orman's website has this free wonderful caculator that accounts for what seems every little expense that occur from day to day. There has been times when I've found a budget format , but there's always a few things that the worksheet leaves out. I found this and it had every expense I have. Try it out ! http://www.suzeorman.com/2009actionplan/expensesheet/