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Snow Day hurt my budget......

March 2nd, 2009 at 11:39 am

Well the snow day caused me to lose 4 hours of overtime today. I worked 4 hours on Saturday, but now I will have to use 4 hours of vacation time come Friday. We aren't allowed to use vacation time in order to accure overtime pay. I tried calling 2 debtors I owed since I was stuck home, but they were closed as well.But I did manage to find an year old debt that was about to be reported to the CRA'S that now won't. It was a debt for $18.88 from GMAC Insurance. I'm so relieved I caught it in time too! It's been added to my sidebar. And it will be paid on Friday.....WOO-HOO....p.s. The picture is the view from my bedroom window.

3 Responses to “Snow Day hurt my budget......”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice view! Great news on that other debt. Sounds like an easy one to pay off, too.

  2. oceansluver78 Says:

    Oh yeah, mainly because it would have done more damage bieng reported on my credit reports. The view is beautiful and in the summer geese and otters are in abundance!

  3. smiley2009 Says:

    Forgive me for being a ditts lol but on my blog you posted "Sending PFD's to collectors will not only pay off collections but remove them as well from your credit report" What are PFD's forgive me for posting in your blog area.

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